Juicing BenefitsJuicing benefits
are not particularly attributed to losing weight alone as the benefits of a juicing diet as it is sometimes called transcends weight loss. While the issue of losing weight has become a serious one no thanks to the many health issues associated with being obese, many people tend to ignore the effects of a healthy nutrition with juicing being an important component of the diet. Juices are generally great for losing weight but some particular juicing recipes have been identified to stimulate weight loss compared to other fruit juices.

As mentioned earlier, the benefits of juicing goes beyond supply the body with the essential nutrients; it also helps to stimulate the rate at which fat is burnt in the body even as toxins are flushed out of the body faster and easier. As we are what we eat, weight loss as a function of juicing has been attributed to the reduced food craving element that comes with juicing.

One characteristic of dieting that has been identified by nutritionists and weight loss expert is the strong cravings for sweet foods and bigger portions by dieters usually in the middle of the dieting program. This ultimately leads to a stop in the dieting program and of course, weight loss is again brought to an end. A major cause for these cravings is the inadequacy in the nutrients the body is getting out of this dieting plan.

Juicing however, helps to put an end to this problem supplying the body with all the essential nutrients needed to keep the body healthy and strong. As far as juicing for weight loss is concerned, the slogan is less fruit and more vegies. The reason for this is quite simple, fruits contain high level of sugar content and since there is a serious need to reduce your intake of sugar if you are to lose weight, reducing the quantity of fruits you take only makes sense.

We have been able to identify some great juicing options to help you with your weight loss quest and they have are briefly discussed below.

Brussels Sprouts

They have been discovered to contain low calorie content substantiating the juicing benefits high blood pressure claim. We all know the effect of high calories in the body and how devastating it can be if not checked. With a glass of Brussels sprout juice, you only get 38 calories but with loads of vitamins, potassium, fiber, and folic acid, essential nutrients to keep you healthy and lose unwanted fat deposits in the body.


This is another vegie that serves the purpose of helping you lose weight along with other functions like being an anti-oxidant. It also helps to reduce the risk of getting cancer thanks to its strong anti-cancerous properties. The plant also substantiates the juicing benefits skin claim helping to improve the circulation of blood in the body, cleansing the skin, and stimulating burning of fat.


Carrots are popular vegies and not just because of the love of Bugs Bunny, but in particular because of their look and of course, sweet taste. All these features are in addition to the carrot juice benefits that include stimulating digestion, cleaning of the liver, and reducing the risk of different forms of cancer. Its rich beta-carotene content has also made it a strong immune booster.


Celery is a great inclusion for any vegetable juice due to its low calorie content and relatively high water density. In order to get the best out of the celery plant, the entire leaves and stalk should be juiced.


Cucumbers are common inclusion in many juicing recipes and weight loss diets. This can be attributed to their offsetting feature of the stronger vegetable juice flavors. Just like the celery, cucumbers are also low in calories and water-dense.


Cabbage is another very common vegetable included in not just juicing recipes but even meal recipes. It is very low in glycemic and helps you lower the cholesterol in the body. It is also a very good body cleanser helping the body getting rid of the toxins in the body.

The fruits and vegetables mentioned above are excellent for weight loss. Other vegetables that can be included in your juicing recipe for weight loss include beetroot and lettuce. As said earlier, these fruits and vegetables help to provide your body with the needed nutrients and for persons that cannot cope with the strong vegetable flavor, some organic honey can be added to the juice to sweeten it.

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